The Walls and Cathedral of Avila

We have arrived in the beautiful town of Avila, which somewhat resembles an ancient fortress. There is a stone wall that surrounds the city and images are brought to mind of what this town was like back in the medieval times. As you arrive to Avila you are first aware that it is high up on a hill, most likely to keep watch for any invaders. The wall has five entrances serving to give limited access into the town, another method for protection to its inhabitants. Fortunately we were given the opportunity to “walk” the wall. I was a little confused of what this meant when this activity was first presented to us. However, I soon understood. We walked up the worn-down, steep stone steps and made it to the platform on top of the wall of the ancient town. The view was incredible! You could see the rolling green hills, the mountains, the other small villages that have sprung up in the last few hundred years, for several miles in the distance. It made me wonder how these people of Avila were able to construct such a massive stone wall with only man power, and not only was it made to perfection with such unique architecture, but also, it was such an effective method to protect the town. Within this border, you are able to find some cafes, restaurants, shops, and souvenir stores. However, the most impressive building I came upon was the cathedral of Avila. This building was very Gothic looking and the largest building within the town. It was apparent how important religion was to these people back in the day. As you entered the Cathedral, the arches, stained glass windows, and gold plated icons were astounding. Everything about this place was so amazing! Definitely my favorite part of Avila!!!