Toledo streets

I cannot believe how much I have seen in just one week. I feel truly lucky to have been able to see the fast pace lifestyle of Madrid and the beautiful antiquity of Toledo and Avila- and this is just the beginning.

At this point, my favorite experience has been visiting the city of Toledo. The city is indescribably beautiful. As we walked around I found myself thinking, “Is this even real?” The architecture, people and just overall atmosphere was unforgetable.


You could see that the city had an intense history. Just walking around was like a museum tour. The city is surrounded by a wall that kept out invaders back in the day. And within the city, you can see that the layout was specifically designed to keep its inhabitants comfortable in a time of less advanced technology. The buildings are built close together to create more shade and therefore the streets are more narrow. This creates a small problem with car traffic, but people still get by.


I think that was what impressed me most. Although parts of Toledo are not conducive to modern day lifestyle, there is no renovation. The streets are narrow, the walls serve no real purpose anymore- but they are still there. I think it’s great that the city still holds on to its history. And it should, because Toledo is an amazing place.


– Shoma


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