Albergue de Jesus

By Patrick Georgi

It’s day 6 of hiking, and it has been interesting to see the differences in the albergues. I thought we’d be sharing one huge room with a hundred people and sleeping on the floor but they’ve all been very nice so far. The beds are always comfortable and they’ve all had pillows, which really surprised me.

One interesting place, and still one of my favorites, was Albergue de Jesus. It was in this really small town called Mazarife. Annie said that the last time she was there, the place had a dirt floor and didn’t have a big grassy courtyard like it does now. It used to be the only albergue around but now there are two others. The only places that seemed to be doing ok in the town were the albergue and the restaurant we ate at. It is just interesting to think that amidst all the economic problems, hostels seem to be doing fine, even though it is so cheap to stay there. It’s cool too that the movie “The Way” (which I haven’t actually seen yet) has created a lot more interest in the Camino and, consequently, more business for hostels and restaurants. It’s good to see these kind of places doing well, especially since the rest of the country is struggling.


Photos: The Camino Hokies, shown here at the Albergue de Jesus, break for class every day and turn in journals written in Spanish.

Left: On the Camino with Patrick.

2 Replies to “Albergue de Jesus”

  1. Does walking the Camino count as Eco tourism? Glad to read that you are doing the international economic analysis of the impact of a movie on small villages in Spain.

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