Peanut butter miracle

By Ellie Moody

Before I went on the Camino, I had heard that most people experienced some kind of miracle at some point or another while on the trail. I experienced my camino miracle in the form of peanut butter and bananas. On day 3, Stefanie, Caleb, and I were walking through some pretty rough terrain in the mountains. I hadn’t eaten much for breakfast and my blood sugar was dropping fast. I told Stefanie that “all I need and want is a banana with peanut butter,” which would be almost impossible to find because: 1) we were in the middle of the mountains and 2) Spaniards don’t seem to eat peanut butter. However, as we ascended the next hill we saw something unbelievable. On top of the mountain was a shack and next to the shack was a hut, and on that hut was FREE bananas and homemade peanut butter. I don’t think I have ever been so happy/relieved/ecstatic in my life. I used to be one of the those people who didn’t believe in miracles but that all changed at this moment on the Camino. For me, it took peanut butter and bananas on the Camino de Santiago to believe in them.

Photo: Stefanie, Ellie, and Caleb


4 Replies to “Peanut butter miracle”

  1. That is truly a miracle!! So happy to see you are having an amazing experience. Much success for your continued journey!!

  2. Hi Ellie. Hope you are having a blast! Loved your story about the peanut butter & banana!!Will see you @ the lake soon.
    Dale & Renee’ & Hogan too!

  3. Beautiful writing! I used to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches every day while teaching! Wishing you so many more adventures!

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