Pack patches

By Jerilyn Izac

I first got the idea to put patches on my backpack from the movie, The Way. A good friend of mine got my first patch, a small, cream colored shell to symbolize my pilgrimage. The next patch that I found was from Avila because it was my favorite city that we visited. I loved walking on the walls and learning the history of the city. I have a lion patch from Leon where we started, an Astorga patch, and a Galicia patch. My favorite patch so far is a map of the Camino de Santiago and some day I hope to walk the whole trail. I have eight patches total and they are all very significant to me. Each one reminds me of a different place but they all revolve around my individual pathway. They can be a struggle to find but I hope to have many more by the end of this trip.



2 Replies to “Pack patches”

  1. Jean: I purchased the most beautiful Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage patch in the world from an online webstore call Patch Quartermaster “” for only six ($6.00) dollars. It’s this best I have ever seen and it doesn’t have advertising on it. It has been left clean and beautiful and catches the essances of what the Camino de Santiago is all about. Check it at at, you will not be sorry you did. Tim

  2. I’ve been collecting patches as an Eagle scout for years now. This is a great idea to finally put some of these patches to use! Thanks for sharing!

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