Now I’m stronger than yesterday

By Coryn

Ok….I made it!!!! Through the first day that is. We finally hiked today around 24 km, and I´m feeling great. It´s so exciting to have one day down, and to know that it is not impossible. Gosh I don´t even know where to begin with this day.

It took us about and hour and a half to just get out of the Leon city limits, so at around 9 we were puting the city behind us. From then on it was these gorgeous rolling hills with snow capped mountains in the distance. The colors of the land were the most impactful. Tall green grains blowing up against fields of red clay waiting to be planted with the most adorable red and purple flowers decorating the road. I was literally walking with a smile on my face the whole day.

Once to the Albergue we cleaned and ate, but then went to go a tiny “museum”. It was actually the home of the late MonSeñor, who is a famous camino painter. His sister, Cristalina, now shows off the home and his work. I got to talking to her,and she was an amazing person. I want a pocket size Cristalina for the rest of the journey. She works as a nurse, but spends her weekends keeping up her brother´s home and showing off his art. She was telling me that his movement to this town helped to revitalize it as a top pilgrim location. The art was these great renaissance copies, but with surrealist venturing. I would put a picture, but my phone just won´t get wi-fi here.

But the best part was, Cristalina liked us so much, she took us underneath her brother´s shut down home to show us the 150 year old Bodega (which is where they used to make and bottle wine). We had to grab lamps and take these dark stairs under the house, and it was beyond worth it. Underground was just this huge cellar where they would stomp the grapes, and it would run down to the next room where they bottled it, and then the very end was a room to sit and enjoy.

So for now, I am beyond fed (I actually fear I might gain weight because they won´t stop feeding us and it is so good you can´t say no), I´m getting sleepy, and my other Pilgrims await to mingle with.

xoxox from Villar de Mazarife

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