No need for sunscreen

By Anna

Today was by far the most difficult, exhilarating, and craziest thing that I have ever done. Walking 24 kilometers is hard in itself, but walking 24 kilometers up a mountain with ice, rain, and wind pelting you in the face while wearing capris, a tshirt, light jacket, and rain jacket is a whole new feat. I came prepared for nice, warm weather and we got the exact opposite…it was 3 degrees Celsius when we left the albergue and I’m pretty sure that it got colder as we went up. 

Even though it was miserable at times and I was literally numb to the bone, I loved (almost) every minute of it. I couldn’t help but think about what we were doing, and why. I climbed a physical mountain today, but I also went up an emotional/spiritual/mental mountain as well. After the Cruz de Ferro, I walked most of the way myself and did some major soul searching. I realized that if I can walk up a mountain in those conditions, I can do anything that I need to do. I woke up this morning thinking the verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, and I truly believe that.


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