Surprise in Ponferrada

By Dom

Toady we had a short recovery walk to Ponferrada. Our plan for today was a tour of a winery called Tilenus. It was very interesting to see all the different parts of the winery and the intricate details I did not know about the intricacies and difficulties of making a quality wine. The part I found most interesting was talking with our tour guide, in english, about her job and the growth of the business. Examining the economic factors she explained fit perfectly into my major of International Studies. Tilenus is a smaller winery but is beginning to expand thanks to things such as globalization, reducing of trade barriers, and demand for wine from the al Bierzo rose. El Bierzo grows two types of distinctive grapes which can only b found in this valley region of Spain. Our tour guide has worked for this company for 5 years and she is mainly an international spokesperson for the winery. She told of the difficulties of competing and catching up with other companies that have been globalized for many years already and seen rapid growth. I found this whole subject very interesting and showed that things I am studying in school are happening real time all around the world.


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