Our Camino family

By Morgan

The only thing I had ever been skeptical about this trip was the people I would be hiking with. Considering we’d all be together for 5 weeks straight without a day to spare, I was hoping they’d be at least tolerable. After 4 days of being on this trip, there are no words to describe how close we’ve become in the short time we’ve known each other. There’s something about being a Hokie that is so unique and specific to our VT community. No matter where we are, whether in Blacksburg, or hiking el camino in Northern Spain, we, Hokies, always carry our 8 principles with us. Every single person in our camino group has already made a tremendous impact on our trip thus far. First, there’s Dom–who can simply be described as The Life of the Party. His bubbly personality and never ending energy serves as an endless motivation for the group to get up each morning at 6 a.m. to start our trek. Then there is Coryn and Mark, our dubbed parents of the group. Both recently graduated making them the oldest, and in most cases, the wisest of the clan. Then there’s Jack, who always has a smile on his face and always in the best of spirits. Anna and Christina are probably the quietest of the group and most definitely the sweetest. They’re calm personas balance out our crazy, happy-go-lucky crew. Alec is so awesome because he’s so relaxed and easy going, and then will just crack random jokes out of no where. Erin is definitely our in-group medic. She ALWAYS has supplies for whatever and is one of the most laid-back, easy going people in our group. Jesse serenades us before we go to be in his deep tenor, all-district voice, which is the perfect lullaby to lead us into siesta. Kendal is the baby of the group, the youngest freshman here. She ALWAYS is giggling about something but she’s adorable so she’s totally allowed to. Then there is Cam, who’s been my partner in crime since day 1. We’re always cracking jokes and almost get along TOO well. Her facial expressions are the absolute greatest. Ethan, a rising senior in architecture, is maybe the best thing since sliced bread. Such a easy going, flat out fun person. He’s so mature yet knows how to have fun and when to wind down. Last but not least, our group leader Annie and her loyal helper, Rachel. I couldn’t have imagined a more fun, energetic, and brilliant group. Rachel is by far the most genuinely kind person I’ve met in so long. She’s your right hand whenever you need her and just an overall awesome person to have here. Annie is full of so much knowledge about everything “Camino” and has so much wise advise to offer us whenever need be. Her passion for studying abroad and the camino is shown through her class she instructs and interactions with her on the trail. She’s the absolute perfect balance between chill and a second mom.

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