By Alec

Finally done!  The walk we easy, but restless.  I was ready to be there and be done with this walk.  When we all finally arrived, everyone was ecstatic! No one could believe that they had just walked the 320 km from Leon to Santiago, across mountains and valleys and through rough weather.

The Cathedral of Santiago was breathtaking.  So much craftsmanship and skill had been put into each and every aspect of the external features. It is hard to believe what builders could do solely by hand so many years ago.  The detail of all the statues astounded the onlooker.  The inside of it was no less impressive than the outside.  Intricate architecture was used to hold one’s eye as he looked upon it.  The artwork was meant to awe and inspire lay people at the power of God and show the glory of heaven.  Ever single thing seemed to have been done for a specific purpose and the workers had accomplished their goal with flying colors.

After the Pilgrim’s Mass, everyone in the group went out to lunch together.  After lunch we walked back to the plaza outside the cathedral and said our goodbyes as our families came to pick us up one by one.  Luckily, we will all have classes together still, and still be able to reach each other if need be, but it will be weird not being with the same group of kids I have been around 24/7 since leaving the United States.

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