Day 9 Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro, 15k

Day 9 Ambasmestas to O Cebreiro, 15k

The Trail
The Trail

And We’re Toning

HUGE uphill climb today on the way to Cebreiro, which will be our starting point into Galicia. I need to get better at “what are the odds” after Emily was able to shave an “E” into my leg. Games along the trail have also become common for our group, keeping us entertained on some of the more rigorous stretches of the Camino. Izzy also kept us entertained today with some 90s throwback music. After our second breakfast, we cleared the lower tree line to get an amazing view along the hills. Cebreiro was one of the only towns that we looked up from our walk to find ourselves right at its doorstep. This small 9th century town sat on top of a mountain, with circular stone buidlings and thatched roofing.

While getting our room assignments, I was originally put by myself in the creepy attic room, which is slightly unnerving when you have been sharing a room with multiple peregrinos for the past week. But after a slight mix-up, I was moved to friendlier accomodations. The next morning was one of my favorites. As we walked along the mountain range into Galicia, we could see the coastal mist in the valleys, while the other side of the mountain was completely clear.
Hokie Pilgrim Tyler Sullivan

The group relexing after reaching the top of O Cebreiro
The group relexing after reaching the top of O Cebreiro

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