Blisters for everyone

Today, on the first day of the Camino, I realized that the peregrinos bond mostly over blisters. The things that people remember the most are names and blisters. Of the 4 to 5 pilgrims that I spoke to today, the consensus was that most of the peregrinos are friendly no matter their cultural background. A Canadian couple told me of the dinner that they shared with a Korean couple, who didn’t speak a word of English. Together they enjoyed chicken curry with rice and, a Spanish favorite, potatoes. I think that experience speaks of the magic of the Camino. Personally, the day was fairly easy; I expect things to get a rougher as we get sorer. I got two blisters but they’re very small and tomorrow I will be using different shoes in order to see if that help. I’m both looking forward and nervous for what’s to come, but with every peregrino conversation my confidence grows.
Jamie Osorio

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