Today was a short day to Sarria, about 18.5 kilometers.  Not as long as it could have been if we took a wrong turn. The Camino bifurcates at this point: the left hand path leads through the monastery town of Samos and about 8 extra kilometers. The right hand path leads more directly to Sarria.


Ready to set out.


Walking to the end of town.


Carefully turning right instead of left.


Jill and Annie discover some cows and some Galician philosophy. Asked which is his favorite, the farmer tells us: “some are brown, some are black and some are spotted. But they’re all Galician and they’re all beautiful.”


Some sights along the way:


Second breakfast is the best breakfast!  (Especially at Casa do Franco–this man loves his coffee).


Lunch along the river in Sarria.


A card game in the albergue before bed.

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