Reaching Santiago

Today we walked into Santiago.

We’ve reached the end of this particular Camino, but not the end of our journey.  (In particular we have two more weeks in Santiago and then Barcelona…)


Up at 5:30 to walk out of town.  Today was a relatively short day, but we wanted to be on time for the Pilgrim’s Mass in Santiago at noon.


At this point, walking is second nature to us.


Stopping for sellos (stamps in the Pilgrim’s Passport) and maybe a bracelet or a banana along the way.


Our last second breakfast and a final hill (or two):


Camino horses!


We stopped for a quick picture at the monument at Monte de Gozo. This is a sort of penultimate stop–a pilgrim’s plaza and albergue complex on the mountaintop. This is the point where we catch first sight of the city of Santiago.


After all the eucalyptus forests, wheat fields, mountains, cherry trees, and fog, we descended into the city of Santiago–a bit of highway and train track to get over…


But soon we were bustling through the old city, pulled onward by our goal.


Just around the corner…


Here at last!


And then it was time to meet our homestay families.  As Annie promised, we entered the Pilgrim’s Mass as peregrinos and left as estudiantes.

Stay tuned–the adventure continues!

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