Leon Cathedral by Night (20 May, Alex Allen)

While in Leon, we got to see an absolutely amazing cathedral. During the day, we were able to tour it and learn all about its history. We analyzed the architecture and the art that was inside, and it was all gorgeous and I continue to be astonished by the quality and size of a building made so long ago. That being said, my favorite moment at the cathedral didn’t actually take place when we visited it as a group. Later in the evening, after dinner, a few friends and I decided last minute to take a walk around before going to bed and see the city at night. We went back to the cathedral again, but honestly it felt like we were seeing it for the first time. It was lit up, and stood in a stark contrast against the dark night. The three of us stared at it in silence, completely taken aback. Around us, the people of Leon visited with each other in the plaza, had drinks, and having a completely normal Saturday night. It made me think about how though they may not be over taken by the immensity and beauty of the cathedral, nonetheless they are drawn to it and it remains the center of the community.

—Alex Allen

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