Up and over to Molinaseca

On 23 May we woke bright and early to climb up to the iron cross and then descend the rocky road to Molinaseca.  This was our longest day so far:  about 25 km.

Our feet may be blistered, but our spirits are unbowed!

It was a bit muddy at times.

But the view was great and there were ample opportunities for selfies.

Onward and upward we climbed…

We were happy to have had a good breakfast.

And second breakfast.

Soon we got to the iron cross. Here the pilgrim is meant to leave a rock signifying one’s burdens.

This is the highest point on the Camino, but it wasn’t quite all down hill from here. We went along a high ridge, stopping at times to smell the flowers.

And then down, down, down.  And down again.  And then some more down.  At this point, some of us are really feeling the journey in our feet and legs.

After a last steep rocky scramble we reached the quaint town of Molinaseca. This means “dry mill”, but luckily the river was full and flowing.

We ate a delicious lunch and then stumble-waddled off to a nap.

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