Up up up to O Cebreiro

On 27 May we had a short sharp climb (13 km) to O Cebreiro.  It was somewhat foggy early on, but the views at the top later on were great.

Getting ready to go:

Up and up:

Second breakfast:

Time for selfies:

Group photos at the top:

Lunch and then an ambulatory class around the very small town of  O Cebreiro.

The church up at O Cebreiro is reputed to be the home of the (a?) holy grail.  A medieval farm worker impressed the priest of the church after walking through a dangerously snowy day to take communion.  “You could have died!” the priest exclaimed.  From that day on the holy grail has been in residence at the church.

In the picture you can see the bust of Don Elías Valiña Sampedro, whose research in the 1960’s led to the rediscovery and renaissance of the modern Camino.

A pre-Roman palloza:  livestock and people shared the same house; there was no chimney, the smoke just left through the thatched roof.



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