Sorry, Ohio, this Toledo really rocks!

From the minute we drove down to Toledo after completing the quick bus trip from Madrid, I was completely and irrevocably in love with the aging town.  Whereas Madrid surprised me with its mixture of old and modern and the non-stop pace of the people, Toledo represented a relaxed, easy-going pace.
As we trekked up a long, steep hill after the bus station I couldn’t take my eyes off the buildings stacked on top of each other in alternating layers of orange, yellow, and tan.  There were no stop lights, no erratic skilled taxi drivers, and no overpowering smells of car exhaust or trash.  We joked about how the people and traffic were nowhere near as patient and polite back home in Blacksburg.
In the last five days, I have realized how I love each adventure more than the last.  I loved Madrid, and now I love Toledo a hundred times more.  Each city, museum, and activity is providing a different experience encouraging me to learn about different cultures and people.  I can’t wait for the next chapter of this unbelievable opportunity and to see even more of Spain.
– Julie 

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