Tonight a mass bunkhouse, tomorrow we begin our journey. An organic mix of communal and solitude, the El Camino de Santiago tries both ends of your soul before one even begins to wear the sole thin.

We have enjoyed gregarious evenings with gracious accommodations, even staying in a palace within the walls of Avila last night. How bizarre to go from a room with bidet to low bunk in a room for 50.

As we are staying in a convent, our evening may include a prayer for pilgrims tonight at 9:15. .. Gates shut promptly at that time so one must be keen about their time in this city of Léon, home to the awesome cathedral renowned for its stained glass and rose windows.

Anticipation, both eager and dreaded, can be seen throughout our ranks. Someone has brought a Hokie bird mascot which will no doubt dot future photos.

Personally, I have been synching technologies to try to bring this blog to life. It seems wordpress wrestles with the iPad and blogsy is my latest hope. Now, the search for wifi…and then yes, I think I shall let the Sister say a few words to start this pilgrimage. Buen Camino, they say – may it be so.

– Jean


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