Camino Day 2

By Alec

Hola a todos,

So today was a pretty lax day for us pilgrims. We hike about 17km or roughly 9 miles through very flat terrain.  The skies had clouds today which kept the heat of the sun off our backs and let us enjoy the walk for the full 9 miles.  We stopped at the Albergue de San Miguel In a town called Orbigo.  So overall the walk was beautiful but uneventful as far as deviating from a normal pilgrim day, but the best part of today was the food at a local restaurant.  Two of the best meals I’ve ever had In Todo mi vida!  Very fresh, very well cooked.

The first meal was a second breakfast after walking which consisted of Spanish bacon, sun side up eggs, and French fries. All cooked to perfection and tasting good all you wanted was more.  The bacon here in Spain is different then back in the USA, it’s thicker and meatier and at least twice as good, I didn’t think it was possible  but there you have it.

The second was a three course meal of spaghetti with a light Alfredo sauce with bacon mixed in followed by a nice plate of French fries and cooked chicken, both better than any I’ve had back home.  Finally I had ice cream for dessert, this was the only thing in the restaurant that was from a can.

I’ll be sad to leave such amazing food behind when I head back to the States and to a world of processed foods.

One Reply to “Camino Day 2”

  1. Loved the albergue de san miguel!!!!! Met some really cool people there and had a great time painting pictures.. I hope they still do that because it really made that albergue distinct from the rest.

    Reading about the fresh food really makes me jealous… that was probably my main blog topic while I was on the Camino. LOL! SOOO YUMMY…

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