By Jack

On 5/26/13

I’ve been a little behind on posting my journal entries to my blog. I’m hoping to get all caught up today!

Our second day on El Camino was to the Albergue de San Miguel in Orbígo. We had a short walk that day, and my body wasn’t sore from the day before so it was going to be a nice easy day.

After a few hours of walking, we finally saw Orbígo. The entrance into the town was pretty cool. We crossed over a nice stone bridge with a river running right underneath it. To the left of the bridge was a jousting arena! I immediately thought of the movie “A Knight’s Tale” and wanted to joust.

We checked into the Albergue, got all of our stuff settled, and headed out to lunch. After lunch, everyone gave me the nickname “the human garbage disposal”. I eat really fast and enjoy a lot of food….what can I say?

Later that day, we all went to the river and just relaxed. It was great. We took some pics, skipped some rocks, and just chilled.

Right before the night ended Jesse and I decided to joust. We both agreed to fall over when we hit each other. I took it waaaaay too far and completely wiped myself out…video and pics to come soon!


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