La Casa de los Dioses

By Anna

In between the cities of Hospital de Orbigo and Astorga at the top of a hill sits a run down building, a man, and a stand with free, organic food. This man, David, hiked the camino and decided to set up camp at the top of this hill and share his food and his life. His goal in life is really to share whatever he has. He provided pilgrims with all sorts of food-watermelon, bread, granola bars, nutella, rice cakes, peanut butter, oranges, and probably about 20 different types of tea… all for free.

David is such a free spirit and I love his life purpose. He gets food from a store (Iḿ not sure if he rides a bike or something, or if he gets food delivered everyday) but either way itś all organic and delicious. He sleeps outside under a canopy-type structure and lives in harmony with the world. That was one of his main points-to live in harmony with nature and his surroundingsm and share what you have with those in need.

As a pilgrim with food waiting for me at every stop, I wouldn´t say that I was in need of food so perhaps I shouldn´t have eaten from him, but I really appreciated his presence and encouragement. David was willing to give all he had to the passing pilgrims, an action that is very unusual, especially outside of the camino.


One Reply to “La Casa de los Dioses”

  1. I stayed at La Casa de los Dioses in 2011 for two nights. The first day you are treated like a god (that’s why it is called “House of Gods” ;-)) and are not allowed to do anything, just to accept the serving. This was the main challenge for all of us who decided to stay there. A very interesting observation. For me the most difficult task was to watch a girl much smaller and lighter than me carrying 10l water from the watering place (20 minutes one-way) back to la casa…
    From the second day on you are allowed to serve as well, which means: getting water, serving the pilgrims, collecting trash (yes, one time we went a few kilometres back to clear the camino and its surrounding landscape), cooking for the “la casa – family” 😉 over the open fire, washing dishes.
    I loved every minute of it and can definitly say that this short stay on simplest conditions there changed me for the better. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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