Our longest day: 30k to Arzua

The thing about today is that there was a city called Melide in the middle of it, about 15 km in.  This is about the length of a short day on the Camino.  So it kind of sort of felt like we should be done when we got to Melide.  But we weren’t–we were just halfway there.

That’s okay, we took it easy, had a few breaks, and made it to Arzua without any tears.

Leaving early after breakfast:

Our eyes are bright, our tails are bushy.

Happy peregrinos on the trail:

Taking a break:

Finding the right route after a wrong turn out of Melide:

Hello Mr. Horse!

Here is a horrero:  it’s a Galician grain storage silo.  It holds the grain up in the air where it’s less damp and where there’s more air circulation.  There are also stone disks at the top of the legs to stop the rats from climbing to the grain.

Finally here!  Time to shop for and make dinner.

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