A Town so Nice They Named it Twice

Today we had a relatively short 20km hike to the town of O Pedrouzo, also known as Arca.  Okay, it was short compared with yesterday.

The weather was nice, the vibes were chill.

Here we are leaving in the morning:

Eucalyptus forests, a beer albergue (?), and some bikers (fairly friendly).

Second Breakfast:

Lunch first, then some shopping for dinner.  (Not pictured, washing clothes so that our host families have a nice first impression of us…).

O Pedrouzo/Arca was having a fair!  We showed up a bit too early–apparently the festivities only really got started around midnight.  We could hear said festivities until around 3:30 a.m.  Unfortunately we had to go to bed early to get up for an early start tomorrow.

Leaving for the carnival:

A bit empty:

But Annie takes the opportunity to beat Rouselle at air hockey.  She takes her air hockey seriously.

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