Day Five: Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

By Meghan Finley



Meghan to Molinaseca
!Hola amigos!


I am extremely proud to announce that after 5 long and painful days, I finally pooped! It has been quite a journey, but I couldn’t have done it without my fans.


Anyways, today was a loooong 25 km. Today was probably the hardest day so far, and the day that I realized that I have knee problems. It’s pretty sad when you see 70-year-olds passing you on the trail while you limp along with walking sticks, holding in tears of pain..


After today, I decided that I can do anything, and that I need to stop complaining about 4 hour dance practices. Those are a BREEZE now.


While today was a hard one, the views made it worthwhile. I am especially thankful for my sense of smell today because in the mountains of Spain, it was a breath of fresh air that I can’t quite explain, but it was so refreshing. At one point, I was actually somewhat alone for the first time, because I realized I needed to be alone to motivate myself to keep pushing past the last three hours, and I actually felt better.


When we finally reached Molinaseca, Annie let me get a Coca-Cola and I have to say, Coke in Spain is waaay better than Coke in the U.S.


As my final words on today, I advise whoever goes on this trip in the future to bring moisturizer. I went to the farmacia today and spoke with the pharmacist (in Spanish, ofc) and she tried to sell me a 20 euro moisturizer that was basically the size of my pinky. While you may have sold me on the 24 euro spray sunscreen, you didn’t quite get me here, Spain..


!Nos vemos!

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