Day Five: Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

By Nicholas Hudson




Nick to Molinaseca

Starting today, we walked for what seemed like a never ending 25km, I think it was probably a little more than that, but the views from the mountains where definitely worth it.  At first, it was freezing, but by the end, the sun had left a beautiful sock tan line on my leg, yes just one leg, that probably won’t go away until well into the fall semester.  Overall though, the highlight of the day was probably stopping in a small town and having a snack/drink with some fellow pilgrims from Lithuania, that had been on the trail for nearly 30 some days.  I think right now, everyone is just looking forward to staying in a real hotel without constant snoring and other random noises that we’ve experienced at the albergues, followed by a wine tasting all afternoon.

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