Day Nine: Vega de Valcarce to O Cebreiro

By Meghan Finley



So today we immediately started to go uphill, and that was how the entire day was. We originally were going to go by horse, but they were all taken when we called LHowever, I think it was for the best because now we can say we did the whole Camino by foot.


Once we approached second breakfast, I was pleasantly surprised to see a little bohemian hole in the wall. A guy with dreads ran it and there were cool decorations hung all around. It didn’t take long for Alicia and Nick to begin playing Riptide by Vance Joy with a guitar and ukulele.


The last two hours were extremely hot and the morale was low, but thankfully I had Veronica and Victoria to sing songs from the Hannah Montana movie to get us through the rest.


In O Cebreiro, I decided to go with Annie to church. At first I was unsure how it would be since it was in Spanish, but I am SO happy that I did. Alicia did a reading in English, and the priest talked about how God is always walking with us on the Camino. At the end of mass, all of the peregrinos were asked to come to the front and we each got to pick out a pebble with an arrow on it. We all said what country we were from and then he blessed all of us. Overall, even though the day was long, mass really made the day so much better!

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