Day Ten: O Cebreiro to Triacastela

By Victoria Grimm



Today’s walk was pretttttty difficult. There was a lot of uphill and downhill walking which seemed to never end. On previous days, I preferred going downhill because I could just lightly jog down as opposed to trudging uphill. Lately, however, I’ve found that going downhill puts a lot of pressure on my knees so I’ve been taking it much slower. Thankfully, though, the weather today wasn’t nearly as hot as the last few days, which made the walk a bit more bearable.


Being pretty blister prone, I could feel new ones forming on my feet as the walk went on. By the time we got to Tricastela I was straight up limping to get to lunch and later discovered a huge new blister on my heel. I’ve taken up the philosophy of not obsessively tending to my blisters as I’m finding most of them tend to refill anyway. I’m planning to just let them be and hope they heal on their own.


At lunch today, we talked a lot about which food we miss from the States and I finally admitted to myself how much I miss Asian food, especially Vietnamese food.

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